Are you suffering from male pattern baldness and looking for treatment? SMP Male Pattern Baldness is a revolutionary treatment that can help to restore the appearance of a full head of hair!

Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) is a common condition that affects men. It is caused by an increased sensitivity of the hair follicles to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes them to shrink and become unable to hold onto the hair strands. Symptoms of MPB include a receding hairline at the front and temples, a bald patch on the crown of the head, and thinning of the hair on the sides and back of the head.

Suppose you are looking for a safe and effective treatment for male pattern baldness. In that case, Our team at the Smp Clinic in Kent, UK, of experienced doctors and hair restoration experts, offers a variety of treatments for MPB, including prescription medications, laser treatment, surgery, and scalp micropigmentation.


Baldness can be a complex issue to overcome for many people, but thanks to scalp micropigmentation (SMP) in Kent, UK, it doesn’t have to be. SMP is a revolutionary, non-surgical procedure that replicates the look of a full head of hair with tiny pigment deposits, giving the appearance of a whole, natural head of hair. The process is quick, painless, and has a high success rate in achieving desired results.

Our team of highly-trained and experienced professionals uses the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that your scalp micropigmentation treatment is successful. Each procedure is tailored to the individual, considering factors such as skin type, hair color, and the desired aesthetic. Our SMP treatment can camouflage baldness, reduce the appearance of thinning hair, and create a fuller, more youthful look. It is also an excellent option for those who are not suitable for hair transplant surgery.




Male pattern baldness is a common scalp disease that affects men of all ages in Kent, UK. It is characterized by the gradual thinning of hair on the top and front of the scalp, leaving a bald patch. Although it is not a severe medical condition, it can be distressing and significantly impact a person’s self-confidence.

Some treatments for male pattern baldness include:

Regardless of your choice, At Kent Hair Loss Clinic, we understand how hair loss can impact your self-confidence and overall well-being. That’s why our experienced hair restoration specialists are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care and individualized treatments. Our goal is to help you restore your hair and regain your sense of self-confidence.

The Power of Self-Confidence: How SMP In Kent Can Help

The power of self-confidence can be an invaluable asset. It can help you take risks, stand up for yourself and pursue your goals. However, for many people, self-confidence can be hard to come by. That’s where Self-Management and Performance (SMP) in Kent can help.

The SMP in Kent program helps people to identify and understand their strengths and weaknesses, develop assertiveness and communication skills, and build an improved sense of self-worth. Through these methods, the program provides the necessary tools to help people to have the self-confidence they need to be successful.

Help Regrow Lost Hair

The SMP in Kent program can help to regrow hair that has been lost due to baldness. People can see hair growth immediately by working on the underlying causes of baldness, such as stress and anxiety.

Help Maintain A Healthy Scalp

SMP Male Pattern Baldness in Kent can also help to maintain a healthy scalp. This is because the procedure stimulates the scalp and encourages new hair growth. This can help reduce inflammation and irritation and improve the overall health of the scalp.

Restore Hair Loss

SMP can help to restore hair loss caused by male pattern baldness. This technique can help to fill in bald spots and create a more natural-looking head of hair. This can help improve the look of your hair and restore the confidence you may have lost due to hair loss.

Improve Appearance

Using the latest SMP techniques, skilled technicians can create a realistic hair pattern, helping to give you a more natural look. This will help to improve your overall appearance and make you look more attractive. You can also choose different colors and densities, allowing you to customize the look of your hair. This will give you a natural, realistic-looking head of hair that looks and feels just like your own.

Boost Self-Confidence

The loss of hair can cause a loss of self-confidence. Male pattern baldness can make you feel like an outsider, as your hair is no longer what it once was. The SMP in Kent program can help to restore hair and confidence, helping you to look and feel more confident than ever before.

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Professional SMP Tattoo Artist

Our hair tattoo artists are skilled in Tricopigmentation and Scalp Micro Pigmentation. We use the latest tattooing technology for hair tattoos, like Tricopigmentation or scalp micro pigmentation, so that you can be sure of a high-quality tattoo.

Pigmentation Technique

We use the latest and most advanced scalp micropigmentation techniques available. Our pigment products are infused with a light-emitting agent, resulting in natural-looking shades lasting up to six months without fading.

Safety Procedure

We use the latest sterilization and sanitation procedures to ensure your hair tattoo is safe and bacteria-free. We are a hair tattoo studio in Kent, WA, that offers scalp micropigmentation and tricopigmentation.


We have been in the hair tattooing business for several years, so you can trust us to give you a top-quality hair tattoo. Our talented artist will create the perfect hair based on your hairline, style, and color.

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